A composite drainage network for landfills

The composite drainage network can be used in the waste landfill:
1. Groundwater guide layer
2. Leakage detection layer
3. Leachate the drainage layer
4. Seal the gas collecting guide layer
5. Seal the surface water to collect the guide line
To avoid leakage of pad system and ensure the safety of the landfill leachate guide line system is necessary to have strong drainage function, collection of leachate discharge liner system, to ensure that the liner leachate saturated water head is less than the thickness of the drainage layer.
Traditional sand and gravel and other natural drainage materials for waste landfill leachate collecting guide, can occupy a lot of landfill space.
It is very difficult to build up the slope leachate.
The use of geotechnical composite drainage network is basically free from slope slope.
As leachate, gravel collects the conductance layer, which can damage the seepage.
According to statistics, the laying of gravel on the geomembrane is the biggest cause of the damage of the geomembrane, accounting for more than 70% of the total damage.
Kam cheung composite drainage network have three-dimensional stereo guide structure, geotextile composite with high permeability function, can insist for a long time under high load guide function, composite drainage network used in the leachate collecting layer (LCRS), just in time to discharge the leachate anti-seepage film, makes the water head is less than the thickness of the geotechnical drainage data, cut because geomembrane leakage water head is too big.

Post time: Sep-01-2017
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