Advantages of a tree cloth

The advantages of tree cloth (swab, plant bandage) are the following advantages:
1. Easy to use.
The plant bandage requires only 1 person to operate with ease, and the wrapping speed is 8 times that of a straw rope.
It’s cheap.
Wrapping the same tree, the direct cost of the bandage is 20 percent lower than the rope.
3. Keep warm and moisturizing.
The plant bandage is moderate and breathable, providing good living conditions for trees.
4. Beautiful and beautiful.
The plant bandage is rich, clean, and light weight, can greatly reduce the tree load.
5. Anti-fungus anti-insect.
Specialized plant bandages are added to protect the plant against insect pests.
6. Increase the survival rate.
Increase the survival rate of trees by 10% to 15%.
The terminator of straw rope, flax and garbage

Post time: Dec-07-2017
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