Advantages of earthwork tube bag technology

Earthwork pipe bag is a large pipe bag and package made of high strength earthwork fabric. Its diameter can be changed according to need, and it is more than 10 meters long.
The earthwork tube bag was originally used in the embankment project and has been applied to environmental protection, agriculture and other fields. As people’s research goes further, its application fields will become more and more extensive.
Compared with the traditional method of stacking and stacking, earthwork tube bag technology has the following advantages:
One, the economy, need not big equipment and factory investment, need a small number of non-professional operator;
The sludge dehydration part does not need electric power, has the advantage of energy-saving and emission reduction.
2. Convenience, the diameter and length of the tubule bag can be adjusted according to the need. It is flexible and can be stacked and easy to transport.
3. Environmental protection, totally closed construction, almost no noise, not easy to cause secondary pollution.
4. High efficiency, which can meet the processing capacity of waste water and sludge. The volume of treatment can increase and reduce the number of pipe bags according to the flow of the pump.
5. Good effect, the volume of sludge can be reduced by more than 90% in a month, and it is easier to remove and dispose of the subsequent removal.
Geotechnical tube bag technology application range is wide, can be widely used in mining, chemical plant sewage sludge treatment, and urban sludge treatment, waste water treatment plant sludge treatment, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harbor, wharf and so on dredging sediment pollution dehydration and subsequent disposal.

Post time: Jul-11-2017
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