Anti-grass cloth (black garden cloth) plays an important role in developing organic agriculture

Pollution-free, no pesticide administration organs of military-run agricultural requirements, prevent now grass cloth is a kind of environmentally friendly materials, orchard, and so on agricultural projects laid against the grass cloth can be useful to prevent and control weed growth, after replace the use of herbicides such as weeding pesticide.
Characteristic: garden ground cloth also known as “straw mat” is made by anti-ultraviolet HDPE or pp flat silk weaving.
It has the following effect:
Avoid weeds on the ground.
Because cloth can block the sunlight to shine directly on the ground (especially black cloth), at the same time use to consolidate structure prevent weeds through the cloth and cloth itself, then make sure that the cloth of weeds growing effect.
Keep the water on the ground in time and keep the ground clean.
The drainage performance of the ground cloth ensures the rapid discharge of water on the ground, and the gravel layer and the middle sand layer of the ground are able to control the anti-seepage of the soil particles, thus ensuring the appearance of the surface cleaning.
3 it is good for the root growth of plants to avoid the root rot.
The effect is also derived from the weaving structure of the ground cloth, which ensures that the root of the plant does not have water, so that the air in the root is sure to be fluidity, and then the root rot is avoided.
Avoid the growth of the root of potted plants and improve the quality of potted plants.
When the flower is produced on the ground cloth, the ground cloth can avoid the roots of the plants in the basin to wear the bottom of the basin, and then ensure the quality of the flowers.
5 to cultivate to handle: the vast majority of cloth weaving has one-way or two-way signal line, or outdoor put flower POTS inside the greenhouse or tissue culture substrate, can be precisely organized according to the marker.

Post time: Dec-06-2017
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