Anti-seepage cloth is used as the road laying requirement

It is often used in asphalt highway correction operation to use anti-seepage cloth as the sandwich data.
Compared with the traditional asphalt pavement correction method, the application of anti-seepage cloth can make the corresponding correction job easy and easy.
In the use of the road, the anti-seepage should have the characteristics of the products to satisfy the needs.
Anti-seepage cloth should have excellent temperature resistance.
The temperature of the asphalt mixture is very high when the asphalt mixture is modified. Therefore, the corresponding materials should be not melted or softened at high temperature, which can insist on the characteristics of normal operation.
When fixing the road, the cloth is placed between asphalt and hot pavement.
While the hot pavement is to absorb the asphalt oil from the geotextile to the saturation state to complete the modification, so the geotextile should have excellent adsorption for asphalt oil.
Anti-seepage resistance is also an important factor that can not be ignored. If the application demand is not used frequently, many necessary tasks will be formed.
In addition, the flexibility, uniformity, strength and acid and alkali resistance of the anti-seepage work cloth should be applied in the application.

Post time: Sep-20-2017
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