Application of geotextile

Geotextile is made of nonwoven fabric, also known as geotextile, which is made of synthetic fibers through needling or braiding. The finished product is made of cloth.
There are many works of geotextile, especially in flood control.
The earthwork cloth can intercept and collect the seepage of the soil, and can parallel the seepage of water along the vertical fabric plane or parallel fabric plane.
The work cloth can be separated by different properties or different grades of soil rock, and keep the overall structure and function of the material, thus guaranteeing the engineering quality.
Due to the hydraulic characteristics of the soil structure, it can block the soil work particles, fine sand, small stone particles and so on.
Using the high tensile strength of the soil, the strain of soil can be restrained in the soil, the comprehensive deformation modulus of soil is improved, the soil deformation is reduced and the force of soil is improved.
When water flows to the soil, the cloth can diffuse, transfer or break down the concentrated stress to prevent the soil from being destroyed by external forces.
Because of these characteristics and functions, geotextile has good characteristics in flood control engineering, especially in the emergency situation, the work cloth can play a powerful role.

Post time: Jul-15-2017
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