Bentonite waterproof blanket and the application of laying on high speed

(1) on the rule of bentonite waterproof blanket to Pierce the title says simple puncture will not affect the function of bentonite waterproof blanket proof, but assuming the leakage caused by soil conditions are different, think carefully for the purpose of, the puncture site is still the best part of the repair.
Mentioned that the title of the force binding, now need to have an error in using, some engineering use, both the earth quality requirements of per unit area, and the requirement of the waterproof layer thickness, actually in the function of soil and under the condition of the same mass per unit area, the waterproof layer is thin, after completion of the construction of the waterproof function may be the better.
(2) of bentonite waterproof blanket lap the title of the scale of the large-scale construction of bentonite waterproof blanket cannot be satisfied, can be used to lap, lap width is not less than 100 mm general situations, assuming that the soft foundation, easy to flush the larger settlement, can consider to increase the lap width to 200 mm, and 250 mm, it can be 0.
The bentonite powder of 5 kg&m and bentonite cement are sealed.
According to material, the bentonite waterproof layer on the use of the level recommended by the minimum cover thickness of 152 mm, considering the bentonite waterproof blanket a must from the bondage of talents, we believe that the best cover thickness is not less than 100 mm.
And cut to prevent freezing in winter snow, make sure that the winter highway safety dredge, recently in the eastern provinces Gao Guanju organization network in tianshui, dingxi, out highway pavement, bridge, tunnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the safe hidden trouble, improve technological archives, in order to eliminate the safety hidden danger in time, ensure the safety of journey.
Bentonite waterproof carpet laid over the title of the outer cover layer of bentonite waterproof mechanism of the resolution as long as the space in an airtight bound to play a role of waterproof, and the greater the force binding its waterproof function, the better, so the thickness of the cover layer must be must be.

Post time: Nov-13-2017
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