Construction method of ecological blanket slope protection

Ecological blanket, slope beautification ecological vegetation blanket, a professional ecological slope vegetation blanket, the treatment of slope protection and beautification of the problem, is a new ecological protection slope grass carpet.
Ecological blanket, ecological vegetation carpet), a slope protection professional landscaping grass blanket, can be useful to deal with all kinds of beautification of slope protection, complete ecological slope protection, earthwork, central Texas to provide quality products, services and construction skills, consider all for you.
Ecological blanket (ecological vegetation carpet) is a kind of environment-friendly beautify the revetment slope data, is using natural plant fiber layer, along with the shape mesh, grass cloth, through advanced equipment produced by one-off ecological slope protection material.
It is a kind of ecological slope protection skill for river bank protection. On the one hand, it avoids soil erosion and maintains the slope of the river.
On the other hand, after the vegetation beautification, beautification of the environment, constitute a beautiful landscape.
The excellent characteristics of green carpet are not only applied to other aspects of river slope engineering.
The application area of the Texas ecological blanket (ecological vegetation blanket) :
Water conservancy project:
Ecological river, reservoir fluctuation belt and green, wetland engineering, lake coastal engineering, highway subgrade slope, bridge pier slope, culvert import and export “eight words” wall.
Municipal landscaping works:
Mountain green, mountain excavation slope, retaining wall project, urban center ecological river, park shore, landfill, golf course and so on.
Real estate landscape engineering:
Artificial scene river, residential slope, garden view wall, water retaining wall, roof beautification and so on.
Other works:
The slope collapse is urgent to deal with, the desert beautification, the natural maintenance area, the flood wall, the ecological straight wall, the ecology of the hard body structure and so on

Post time: Nov-15-2017
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