Delay the ageing of the work cloth and investigate the cause of the problem

Aging of geotextile is an inevitable phenomenon, we can not blindly complain about quality is bad, should find better ways to delay the aging of geotextile, today we’ll have a look at it together!
Sunlight radiation is a major factor in the degradation of the polymer.
Uv radiation in sunlight is the main factor, and it has a significant decomposition effect on polymer polymers.
The polypropylene material is less than the molecular structure of the tertiary carbon atom, tertiary carbon atoms of carbon hydrogen bonds can be smaller, and therefore not stable. So polypropylene oxidation degradation has greater sensitivity to light, the wavelength in 300 a 310 mf “aging (soap microns), the most sensitive. Ultraviolet radiation intensity changes with the intensity of solar radiation, geotextile aging speed and with high and low speed, ultraviolet radiation intensity at the same time also with geotextile type, structure, color, temperature, humidity, admixture and other factors.
This is the reason of the aging of the cloth, knowing the reason, we only need to take the medicine of the disease, take some measures to deal with the aging phenomenon!

Post time: Jun-06-2017
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