Design considerations for soil pipe bag sludge dewatering project

Geotechnical tube bag used in sludge dewatering is a new useful method, the current domestic planning, use less experienced.
Test in after repeated and project, summarizes the geotechnical tube bag used in sludge dewatering engineering of various planning related experience, contain tube bag material selection method, tube bag and the scale of the details plan, geotechnical tube bag need to cooperate to use in the process of dehydration reagents, filling the mouth bearing details such as quantity, and do a tube bag filling security analysis and related project specifications.
On previous guess planning parameters with the project in the implementation of the comparison, and analyze the referral optimized parameters.
Geotextile material has blocked tiny particles and permeable characteristics allow them to use in the tiny particles of sludge (heavy metal pollution of sediment, mud, mud, etc.) in dewatering engineering.
Geotechnical tube bag dehydration skills is a new type of sludge dewatering, is fast, simple, low investment and operation cost and suitable for emergency disposal strengths.
Through different ways, the size of the geotechnical tube bag of sludge dewatering

Post time: Jan-05-2018
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