Ecological revetment vegetative blanket, coconut silk carpet, carpet, resisting impact carpet in detail

Green grass blanket is divided into two categories, three series:
The first category: three layer of green grass blanket, namely fixed network + plant fiber + fixed network.
The second category: six layers of green grass blanket, namely fixed network + plant fiber + + non-woven non-woven (or paper) + seed layer (or paper) + fixed network.
Each category can contain three series of products, for users to choose:
1, straw green grass blanket:
Features: beautify speed, good effect, keep moisture effect is good, but also fit for all kinds of grass seed.
Use scale: straw green grass blanket primary used in the corrosion of the smaller places, such as all kinds of slope, landscape, mine reclamation.
Not resistant to scour, such as long-term moderate rain, would have surely influence on slope protection effect.
Applicable area north of the Yangtze river.
2, mixed green grass blanket:
Features: resistance to scouring effect is good, strong tension, the use of grass to be selected.
Long used size: mixed green grass blanket degradation time, the place that is used for medium corrosion and damage, such as: craggy hill, mine management, river levees and geomorphic environment moderate rainfall.

Post time: Nov-08-2017
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