Explain the principle of grass – proof cloth

The grass cloth, also known as “gardening cloth”, the principle of anti grass cloth because it freely crisscross together, black, green, which is good for uv plastic flat silk made and become, can usefully blocking sunlight to prevent the grass on the surface of the set of weeds, make weeds to photosynthetic effect, and possessed the growth of the weeds,
The structure of the forage resistant fabric prevents the roots of plants from digging out of the ground, and maintains the root system of plants, so as to avoid the encroachment of insects and small animals on the formation of plants.
The air permeability of the grass is good, so that the air of the root is sure to be fluidity, so that the water seeps quickly and can remove the water from the plants’ roots in time, so as to avoid the root rot of the plant.
The effect of the anti-grass cloth is as follows:
Avoid weeds on the ground.
For cloth can block the sun shine directly on the ground (especially black cloth), together with the cloth itself to consolidate the structure of the block weeds through the cloth, and make sure the cloth to weed growth effect.
2. Clean the ground in time and keep the ground clean.
The drainage function of the ground cloth ensures the rapid discharge of water on the ground, and the gravel layer and the middle sand layer of the ground are able to control the anti-seepage of the soil particles, thus ensuring the appearance of the ground cloth is clean.
3. It is beneficial to the root growth of plants and avoid the root rot.
The effect is also derived from the weaving structure of the ground cloth, which ensures that the root of the plant does not have water, so that the air in the root has certain fluidity, and then the root rot is avoided.
4. Avoid the nominal growth of the root of the potted plants and improve the quality of the potted plants.
When the flower is produced on the ground cloth, the ground cloth can avoid the roots of the plants in the basin to wear the bottom of the basin, and then ensure the quality of the flowers.
For the most part 5, to cultivate, to cloth weaving a one-way or two-way marker, or outdoor put flower POTS inside the greenhouse or tissue culture substrate, can be precisely organized according to the marker.

Post time: Jan-08-2018
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