Four advantages of greening ecological bag

The original material of beautification of ecological bag is a kind of unwoven earthwork cloth, which is the high strength plane stability information which is made of polypropylene artificial fiber needle.
This specially made polypropylene can resist the corrosion of uv radiation and is not affected by the chemicals in the land.
This information will not attack mutations decadent, not permanent degradation and corrosion resistance to pests, so, beautify the ecological with what strengths, to brief you list a few today, hope for our assistance.

1. To beautify the ecological bag, select the special recipe information, not support, not absorb, not assist the fungus growth, not rot, not moldy, do not change.
Beautifying the ecological bag can accept the temperature of 150 degrees Celsius without melting, and can accept the minimum temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.

2, and beautify the ecological bag is a new kind of beautification product, it has light weight, convenient transport, laying a brief, such as strength, applicable to surface, slope and slope on the beautification, and is not caused by rainfall or sprinkler seeds or soil and water loss, but also can be used for straight or nearly straight piton restoration of rock slope, drainage and dikes, etc.

3, and beautify the ecological bag is approved by the industry of water and physical properties, beautify the ecological wet resistance bag of the original data, do not absorb moisture, water will not damage the bag, and will not deformation, does not dissolve in the liquid pollution.

4, and beautify the ecological bag is one of the important construction methods of highway slope beautification, because of its convenient use brief, high germination rate of plant, and role in slope landscaping is stable, now already pervaded by expressway owner identification, and application in the whole nation to faster.

Post time: Sep-18-2017
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