Garden cloth is beneficial to increase fruit yield

Gardening to cloth used in row to cover up the earliest in sichuan academy of agricultural sciences and experiment demonstration, because of the lack of understanding of gardening to cloth mask method and price, now in the producing area of application area is lesser.
The ground cloth materials can be used for more than 5 years, the annual utilization cost is low;
Good water permeability, moisture can enter the soil, adhere to soil moisture, conserve moisture;
Can control weeds for a long time;
It has the advantage of saving labor saving and producing high efficiency, and it is of great value for the cultivation of modern orchards, especially hilly orchards.

In order to make the ground cloth to reach the water permeable, breathable outstanding, the appearance is flat and has the effect of certain appearance strength, the laying ground of ground cloth should undertake processing.
Under general conditions, to set should be laid 10 centimeters or so coarse sand layers, coarse sand cement aggregate structure, large pore and deformation under the action of external force is small, very suitable for bedding fabric appearance.
The lower part of the coarse sand should be determined by the local soil condition.
Condition commonly, if the soil is consolidated, permeability is good, can be directly laid coarse sand layer in appearance, otherwise should be laid 10 to 1, 5 cm at the bottom of the coarse sand gravel layer or pebble bed to ensure that the cloth at the bottom of the flooding effect and the strength of the fabric appearance, good for crops and conducive to the workers to walk.

Post time: Nov-06-2017
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