Gardening to cloth, grass cloth in the application of the greenhouses

Small make up today to tell us about gardening cloth, grass cloth used in greenhouses
To the use of the cloth inside the greenhouse, gardening methods mainly have three: all the bottom of the ground protection, part of the ground protection, seedbed.
All the ground protection against grass cloth
A, selection of greenhouse earth grass is full of laying method, applied to the soilless cultivation of vegetables and flowers, crop plants such as situation, greenhouse directly choose to cloth laying on the ground, does not need to be built and the ground.
Crops are put to the marker of base cloth accurate operation.
Sometimes, growers to protect cloth or cloth appearance of adhesion of water added, also on the ground cloth appearance laid a layer of sand around 20 mm.
Second, some protection against the grass cloth on the ground
The grass cloth this usage is mainly cooperate with seedbed, to prevent the bed bottom weeds and breed disease.
Lay at the bottom of the seedbed of cloth, which is now one of the most common use of greenhouse in China, choose this approach can also lower cutting seedbed water (especially in seedbed all the irrigation conditions), and then regulate the humidity in the greenhouse.
The use of three, seedbed underlying grass cloth
The grass cloth can also be directly laid on the seedling bed bed, as support layer on the surface of the bed, and then simplify the bed surface support structure, to apply to all kinds of the intention of the culture vessel.

Post time: Nov-07-2017
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