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Reinforced hemp coir ground blanket canal revetment, coconut silk rug
Hemp coconut solid clay blanket is made of natural coconut fibre and natural hemp net, through the baseband processing for plants to grow. Ma coconut solid earth blanket structure, main data for all natural coconut fiber, a multi-layer mesh structure.
It can be used to provide fertilizer, nutrient agents, water retention agents, various kinds of grasses and so on. Such materials and structures provide excellent conditions for the growth of plants.
Scope of application:
Landscaping: landscaping, landscaping, landscaping;
Slope protection: including road, railway, river and so on;
Partly because of the ups and downs of artificial excavation works;
Partial desertification control engineering, saline-alkali improvement project;
Special beautification project, such as golf course, villa beautification, etc
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Vegetative blanket, green vegetation carpet Hangzhou vegetation carpet repair in mines, also known as coconut silk carpet, is made of coconut fiber, is a kind of environmental protection slope beautified slope protection material, is made of natural plant fiber layer, along with the shape mesh, grass cloth, through advanced equipment produced by one-off ecological slope protection material, or coconut silk rug vegetative blanket made of natural coconut fibre and natural hemp net Jinan, ecological vegetation carpet, through the baseband processing for plants to grow..
Vegetative blanket, green vegetation carpet, spread on the ground, water and wind resistance, surface curing, prevention and control of soil erosion, surface water storage and to heal the source of dust storms Chengdu slope vegetation protection carpet, complete beautification.
It can be used in sandy soil, slope and river Banks, mining area, railway and highway, orchards, parks, airports, football fields, golf courses and roof beautification.
Vegetative blanket, green vegetation carpet effect significantly, the effect significantly, according to the practice of slope protection and beautification effect, beautify the protective materials, launched a new slope vegetation ecological slope protection is a professional beautification blanket

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