Green ecological bag with good green slope

In recent years, green ecological bags are widely used in various harsh environment protective and ecological slope protection engineering, and other fixed field, because the green ecological bag has congenital advantage, before not long after the completion of the slope protection, grass seed, can appear the green phenomenon, to avoid the stiff transition stage, green ecological bag anti-aging function better, and be able to build 35 cm thick layers of plant growth, the growth of herb and small shrub can very outstanding, ecological bag is very friendly to the plant, plant smoothly after ecological bag at ease growth, plant roots into the lower soil engineering can reach 1.5 2 meters deep, like a lot of slope anchor the ecological bag, solid is an organic whole repeatedly, to assure the stability of slope, the longer the time the more strong, green ecological bag deal with the issue of soil and water loss and beautification, beautify the new trend of slope protection.

Post time: Oct-30-2017
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