Green fruit can be grown using a weeding cloth.

According to home, because weeding weeds cloth is a kind of raging biodegradable environmental protection material, so can be applied in the orchard, such as apple, cherry, pitaya, blueberries, kiwi fruit, grape cultivation such as category, has been widely used.
Actually, to be able to use in the orchard, because the cloth in the future, can save a lot of the cost of manual weeding and saves the cost of capital, then, in cooperation with the use of cloth, not only can keep the temperature of the soil moisture, and can also convenient to deal with the condition of soil microorganisms and soil harden and crop growth, make the fruit growing time getting enough nutrition.
Applied in orchard weeding cloth in the future, it can prevent a lot of the use of pesticides, without using pesticides raw fruit, is the safety and health, which is our normal fruit green fruit, so in not good appearance, and taste is also very good, we will eat more centering.

Post time: Jan-10-2018
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