Green planting carpet with grass seeds

With grass green grass blanket is using natural plant fiber, vegetative belt, retainer plus corrosion resistant synthetic grass cloth (wind, rain) with grass blanket, the green grass blanket with seed seed ratio of flexible, late maintenance effect of simple and vigorous and stereo feeling, with grass green grass blanket fixed in the side slope of arbitrary Angle has the characteristics of high porosity, good elasticity, can improve the wash surface plant growth, to prevent water loss and soil erosion, reducing the speed of water flow, with seed grass blanket of green environmental protection, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, not pollute the environment, with green grass blanket of seed plant slope protection also improved the surrounding air quality.
The green grass blanket with grass seed is the most effective, simplest and cheapest eco-environmental protection product for highway protection, desertification control and mine restoration.
Grass – plant fibre blanket replaces previous greening care products.
The grass-seed green grass blanket can achieve rapid and high quality surface vegetation in any harsh environment.

Post time: Jul-17-2017
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