High density polyethylene is the best material for the production of anti-seepage geotechnical film

High density polyethylene is the best material for making impermeable membrane.
Why do you say that?
In fact, high density polyethylene is what we often call HDPE.
This high density polyethylene is a very high clean and non-polar thermoplastic resin.
It’s a very good raw material.
The impermeable membrane made of high density polyethylene is not comparable to the anti-seepage effect and chemical stability of ordinary waterproof material.
This kind of anti-seepage film has better anti-aging, ultraviolet ray and anti-decomposition ability than other materials.
The materials can be used for 50 to 70 years and provide good material guarantee for the environment.
And the most important thing is using new technology to improve the effect of the anti-seepage in the material, but the production process more scientific and speed rapid, so the product cost less than traditional waterproof material instead, by actual measurement of high density polyethylene anti-seepage film used to engineering to save costs by about 50%.

Post time: Aug-10-2017
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