How does the hdpe membrane guarantee the quality of the project

Anti-seepage film in water conservancy, electric power, transportation, environmental protection, river regulation engineering use many, the market demand is huge, when season is coming soon.
In the face of such a huge market demand, the manufacturers of impermeable membrane need to be strict with the production of the anti-percolation membrane and also pay attention to the requirement of construction.
Anti-seepage film interchange or dam slope in slope turning carefully measured, according to the practical situation of special cutting, avoid the HDPE geomembrane after construction “dangling” or “drum” phenomenon.
The HDPE earthen film is cut into a narrow inverted trapezoid.
This will allow the earthwork film to be attached to the base of the dam.
In design there are many blind ditch slope and bottom of the reservoir area of, must first put the HDPE geomembrane spread from blind ditch in 1.5 metres along the dam, and connected to the membrane at the bottom.
The two adjacent rooms should be welded and then pressed into the blind ditch.
Pipe connection with geomembrane in dam, the HDPE geomembrane first according to the size of diameter of dam pipe cutting into trumpet-shaped pipe sleeve, then the pipe sleeve from big to small order into tube wear dam and adjust the location of the pipe sleeve can be temporary fixed first, pay attention to the part of the pipe sleeve can’t have hung up.
Finally, the pipe sleeve is welded to the HDPE film and dam and reinforced with stainless steel hoop.
The quality and the construction of both hands can effectively guarantee the quality of the project.

Post time: Jun-17-2017
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