How to choose ecobags and implants?

1. Vegetation bag and ecological bag is beautify the slope engineering of a material, the primary difference is on the material: plant raw material bag is PE may pp plastic, and ecological bag is of polypropylene fiber, not plastic, but are polypropylene!
The implant does not pass the ultraviolet ray, anti-aging may be anti-oxygen treatment, is the general plastic network, the intention is to grow grass to do the work!
The ecological bag is generally not containing grass seed, first used to be the retaining wall, the slope of the lake embankment.
Add grass seed, it is the high-grade print of the plant bag, not only can protect slope to block dirt, still can grow grass, the effect is very good!
The ecological bag and the implant bag are used in a wide scale and are forced to beautify in the chaos and harsh conditions.
Construction cost is lower than engineering masonry slope.
To reduce the maintenance cost of the later railway highway, reduce and avoid erosion, reduce the cost of collation and the outbreak of risk disaster.

PP ecological bag
Here is a detailed description of the difference between the implant bag and the ecological bag:
First, different concepts;
1. Ecological bag: made from polypropylene and a series of auxiliary materials;
Strong anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance;
No degradation;
Animal damage against rats, termites, moths, beetles, etc.
Plants are friendly to plants, and plants grow through the bag.
2, vegetative bag: choose initiative in machinery and equipment at the factory is the seed accurate uniform distribution and engraftment on nutrient membrane, vegetative bags by four levels, with most of nylon netting, outer layer for must grams non-woven fabric, the middle for plant seeds, time lining to active differentiation of cotton fiber non-woven cloth in a short time (maybe the pulp layer).
To beautify the place of the different and produce a variety of different species, different specifications of the vegetative belt, also different species can be evenly mixed together, then can be planting resistant to diseases, pests resistance is better, grass, irrigation, flower symbiosis of ecological community.
The grass speed is formed by planting the protected slope with the planting bag.
PP ecological bag
Second, the complementary parts are different;
1. Ecological bag: the auxiliary parts need to be combined with engineering buckles, connecting buckle, and the zoral line may be pierced, according to the engineering requirements, the construction of grille, barbed wire and so on;
2. In addition to special requirements, there are some simple and safe bamboo sticks, u-nails, and barbed wire, which may not be directly stacked in the construction;
Third, the quality is different;
1, ecological bag: because the material is polypropylene polymer processing, foreign data to prove life spans more than 100, but the practice in China’s domestic use, according to their understanding the history of the former has more than six years, with most of the cases prove must promote role;
2. Implant bag: because the information is mainly composed of nylon braided mesh and non-woven fabric, it has been used for many years in China, and its longevity is gradually degraded after reaching the effect in 3-5 years.
Fourth, the price is different;
1, ecological bag: because just start introducing implementation, the first imported raw material is given priority to, capital is higher, so the processing a set of product of capital is added accordingly, shopping mall, there are many manufacturers and dealers in operation, according to the understanding and verification, now the price of imported material made of ecological bag in 15 to 30 yuan/set (such as scale, consumption, service resolution detailed price) or so;
But because market demand, from the beginning of 09 has a single manufacturer to start on the implementation of this product, choose the domestic some of the original data, the market price is in commonly 10 yuan/set of (dimension, quantity, resolution), how about benefit needs further verification;
2, vegetative bag: vegetative bag of the original data because it’s popular, preparation of nylon net, non-woven fabric, paper pulp, such as price is quite cheap, can work out the vegetative bag cost is not high, generally in 2.5 yuan/article (according to the proportion of plant seeds, the choice of the net to define), vegetative bag now manufacturers have the original raw materials, raw materials.
Fifth, the use is different;
1, ecological bag: use on the slope structure, because the structure of the lock and auxiliary reinforcement grille geotechnical data, make the slope from 45 ° to 90 ° set, also can make the backfill soil slope may accept load, coupled with beautification plan its slope can tend to be more permanent ecology;
2. Implant bag: it can only be used on the roof and gentle slope of the general structure and stability requirements. It is a cheap and backward repair material.

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