How to ensure the rational utilization of water resources in the lack of water resources?

In the north of our country mountainous area, water resources are lack, it is hard to ensure that even some rural drinking water, but in the gully diluvial layer contains underground current, general mountain gully diluvial layer is too thick, such as cutting underground runoff storage, can realize their water supply.
In the interception project, geomembrane is a kind of very ambitious data, compared with clay or concrete cut water wall, low cost, convenient construction, and good water quality.
The location selection of the intercepting flow engineering depends on the following conditions.
One is that the upstream of the intercepting project should meet the basin area.
The second is to choose the place where the water seeps out and may be wet all the year round.
The third is that the diluvial layer is not too thick and easy to excavate. Besides, it is necessary to avoid the pollution sources.
The clay in the mountain area is short, and the concrete cutting wall is high in cost and the engineering quantity is large. Therefore, the data of geotechnical composition is the best use plan.
In order to ensure the reliable closure and easy laying, non-woven composite geomembrane is usually used.

Post time: Jan-10-2018
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