How to make earthwork tube bags

Earthwork tube bags or a large pipe bag and inclusions made from high – strength earthwork fabrics, can be changed in diameter according to requirements, and can be more than 10 meters long.
Geotechnical tube bag began to dike engineering, through broad technical workers try to now, has been applied to the environmental protection, agriculture and other categories, as we study further, its application scope will be more and more widely.
The first step is to fill the bag with the high strength and permeable fabric to make the actual demand, then fill the bag with the fill.
Drainage, the second step is for a bag body geotextiles with small holes which can intercept solid content in slurry and can discharge the moisture in the mud, it can effectively cut the bag to accommodate the volume of content in the body, bag can be repeated filling body, until she reached the bag material allowable height, discharge water reuse.
The third step is consolidation, and after repeated filling and drainage, the fine particles remaining in the bag will be gradually consolidated because of the drying effect.

Post time: Aug-05-2017
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