How to save material in construction

Composite geomembrane common standards for 50 m x 4 m, will be based on the different situation of topography in the construction of cutting, will surely loss already so, how to reduce the loss to minimum requires must be methods, for example in 40 meters long and 30 meters wide will be able to use in the construction of vertical laid method, is to cut along the length of the pool laid geomembrane welding seam, because every piece of welding seam welding width to 10 cm, in the case of welding seam more there will be a great loss.
There is another way is the overall measurement of welding, such as above take 40 meters long and 30 meters wide of the tank is equal to 1200 square meters, is six volumes of composite geomembrane, can find a terrain open areas, after the completion of 1200 square meters of welding guidance laid by welding personnel, this can not only add the welding speed, welding quality can be added

Post time: Aug-17-2017
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