Introduce the plant bag manufacturer

The planting bag is also called the plantation bag, the green bag – the non-woven fabric and the sun screen, the anti-uv performance is excellent, the durability is long, the water permeability and air permeability are excellent.
Are connected by a “vegetative bag + buckle + vegetation planting” by way of equilateral triangle firmly stack constitutes a 3 d slope protection of soil and water conservation vegetation greening system, combined with developed root system through ecological bag into the slope soil and make the slope more stable.
Slope vegetation bags of soil conservation and water seepage function reduced hydrostatic pressure, also guaranteed the normal communication, moisture in the soil provides a medium to the survival of vegetation, makes the slope greening effect is more obvious, more effective.
The ultimate in the implant:.
In the 3 d slope protection of soil and water conservation vegetation greening plants in the system and its roots can grow well through vegetative bag, root in the soil interconnected produce strong traction, so as to achieve the goal of ecological greening and solid slope.
If the plant cannot grow in the implant bag, it will lose the significance of planting green and ecology, which will be the traditional retaining wall system.
Many of the planting bag slope protection works, especially the railway and highway slope.
The protective slope formed by the way of planting bags is caused by natural subsidence;
The top is settled by vertical pressure such as trains and cars.
Or the hydrostatic pressure of the slope will result in a strong horizontal shear force, which will affect the slope stability.
So in 3 d system of soil and water conservation vegetation slope protection greening project buckle must withstand the horizontal shear force, engineering button above six thorns can very good withstand the shear force, plus the vegetative bag bag has no through permeable soil filter function, thus reducing the slope of hydrostatic pressure, the shear force effectively reduce.
In fact, the design of railway, highway and other side slope protection has adopted the scheme of geogrid reinforcement.
In after the completion of the project, the slope stability is very good, but the next as the investment of road use, embankment and slope of loss and damage, make its bearing capacity will gradually decrease, dangerous will intensify.
But the amazing thing about plant roots is that it has a strong ability to solid earth.
So the ultimate goal of vegetative slope protection bag – plant greening, not green that simple, it is more important in the future after the root into the earth with solid soil slope protection, to achieve the slope protection for a long time.

Post time: Jul-25-2017
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