Material characteristics of carbon fiber

Increase of carbon fiber and traditional concrete or bonded steel concrete reinforcement section compared with space saving, simple construction, no need of fixed facilities, easy to ensure the quality of construction, the basic structure does not increase the size and weight, corrosion resistance, good durability and etc.. In addition, the method can greatly improve the service life of buildings and reduce the cost of reinforcement. Therefore, carbon fiber as an epoch-making reinforcement material, and much attention and concern.
(1) high tensile strength is 7-10 times of the same section steel.
(2) light weight, density of only ordinary steel 1/4.
(3) good durability, resistance to chemical corrosion and adverse environmental and climatic changes.
(4) the construction is convenient and quick, the labor saving time, the construction quality is easy to guarantee.
(5) the scope of application is wide, and concrete members, steel structures and timber structures can be strengthened. Can greatly improve the bearing capacity, seismic performance and durability.

Post time: Mar-18-2017
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