New plant fiber blanket

Effect of reinforced plant fiber blanket:
1, keep moisture effect: laying out the reinforcement of plant fiber blanket slope, vegetation coverage at 0% can avoid the appearance of soil moisture evaporation, plant fiber blanket has the function of isolation, reinforced fiber carpet can have the effect of storm runoff.
2, water and soil conservation, vegetation coverage rate can reach 30% when receive light rain wash, reinforced fiber blanket resistance to rain wandering the rain can be natural, avoid rainwater runoff, and relying on the tensile strength of the reinforced fiber blanket itself to slope protection, vegetation coverage rate of more than 80% can accept heavy rain washed, avoid slope collapse;
The reinforced plant fiber blanket greatly reduces the erosion of the wind and rain on the soil, and the reinforced plant fiber blanket skills have summed up the advantages of the geotechnical network and the plant protection slope, which has served the function of compound slope protection.
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Post time: Oct-31-2017
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