New technology of sludge dewatering of sludge – Gutube tube-bag system introduction

Technology introduction
Gutube geotechnical tube bag technology is a global village scientific research personnel in absorbing European and American advanced technology and Hong Kong low carbon technology and concept of governance, according to the practical engineering application, on the basis of strongly innovate and secondary development of a new environmental protection technology.
The technology into the water, separation, filtration and solidified sludge dewatering processing, is equipped with automatic management system, compared with the traditional process, the more stable processing performance, process more simple and more effective is superior, the total input and processing costs and more competitive.

Basic principle of Gutube technology
Using geotechnical tube bag material braided formation of the equivalent aperture with filter structure and the bag two power factor, the liquid pressure by adding a water purification agents promote the mud and water separation, water seeping tube bag, sludge remaining in tube bag.
The water seeping fully meets the relevant emission standards and can be collected and recycled.
Gutube technology process flow
Filling: after the wastewater or sludge is added, the pump is pumped into the earthwork tube bag
Dehydration: clean the standard water into the pipe bag, and more than 99% of the solid particles are left in the tubules
Consolidation: solid particle retention tube.

Technical features/advantages of Gutube
Economy/energy saving: no need for large equipment and plant investment;
Only a small number of non-professional operators;
The dewatering part of sludge requires no electricity and has the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction.
Convenience: the diameter and length of the tubule bag can be adjusted according to need. It is flexible and can be stackable and easy to transport.
Environmental protection: completely closed construction, almost no noise, not easy to cause secondary pollution.
High efficiency: it can meet the amount of waste water and sludge, which can increase and reduce the number of pipe bags according to the flow of the pump.
Good effect: the volume of sludge can be reduced by more than 90% in one month, which is easier to remove and dispose of.
Wide application: water treatment engineering and sludge dewatering project can be used.
Gutube technology application range
1. Ecological restoration: drainage and subsequent disposal of silt contaminated sediment by rivers, lakes, reservoirs, seaports and docks;
2. Municipal silt treatment (water plant and sewage sludge), industrial sludge treatment (chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing and other sludge treatment);
3. Sewage treatment of waste water from agricultural and animal husbandry and fishery, treatment of plantation wastewater, waste treatment of aquaculture bed, etc.;
4 power plant fly ash and low ash treatment, steel plant desulfurization and dust removal sludge, aluminum plant, ceramics factory sludge treatment, etc.
5. Waste water treatment and waste recovery and utilization of mine mining and washing, and dehydration treatment of slurry in engineering construction;
Comparison of the technique of sediment dehydration treatment
The traditional drainage method: this method is to dispose of the sediment of the river bank, the technology is simple, and the area is more, which is the common way of the domestic sediment treatment engineering (including the cleaning and disposal of the mud mud).
However, the efficiency of this kind of dehydration is very low, and there are some environmental and safety hazards in this method.
Because of the bare mud in the yard, direct contact with the surrounding environment, if the water treatment is not up to standard, it will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding water.
Mechanical dehydration methods: treatment of organic pollution and heavy metal pollution of sediment, despite the dehydration effect is good, but there is one time investment is high, the need to consume power energy, building workshop workshop, processing capacity can’t meet the requirements of library river sediment field governance short time limit, etc.
Therefore, it is urgent to seek new and feasible techniques and methods for the disposal of the sludge in the face of large-scale river bank and the predicament of traditional sludge disposal.
Geotechnical tube bag in abroad are contaminated sediment dehydration is used widely in engineering, and domestic such as dianchi lake sludge dredging engineering, wuhan shahe sludge removal project, outside the sino-singapore tianjin eco-city library of sewage treatment project, the wuxi section of river sludge treatment project in the application and the effect is good, the dehydration technology economic, convenient, efficient, very suitable for domestic rivers, river, reservoir sediment disposal project.

Post time: Oct-11-2017
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