New “weed weapon”

“Herbicide” is a new kind of products widely used in agricultural weeding in recent years.
It is also the advantage of the “herbicide” that has been widely used and widely used.
Cut don’t know the herbicide in together to the agricultural produce benefits but hides a huge damage: a, “herbicide” can make the crop nutrient levels drop, and then cause food contains a certain lack of nutrition.
2. The continuous use of “herbicide” can cause different levels of natural vegetation damage, and some species are likely to be extinct.
In the process of spraying “herbicide”, because of the “herbicide” evaporation and wind effect, some “herbicide” ingredients float in the air and produce seasonal air pollution.
When you walk on a road and trail in a farm, you can smell a pungent smell.
The “herbicide” floating in the air can also be blown to a remote mountain field in the wind, resulting in a different degree of damage to natural vegetation.
Three, “herbicide” can endanger human animals, make the disease probability of zoonzoan add seriously.
In edible food produced by spraying the herbicide, is bound to in the human body savings “herbicide” composition, no matter which organs in human body, and its composition savings will affect to the viscera function;
Once the effect is exceeded, the lesion occurs immediately.
The human body’s immune ability is different;
That is to say, it is not possible for anyone who has ever eaten a drug to take the disease, but I am able to determine that the “herbicide” that is stored in the body will have a health impact.
So visible, herbicide whether still is a natural environmental damage to the human body is very huge, difficulty and artificial pesticides is time-consuming, so is there a new “weapon” alternative herbicides, achieve both environmental protection and energy saving?
My company developed from the ground grass cloth, deal with the problem above, supply a good permeability, fast ooze water, control weed growth, block root out the ground on the land for a garden of grass cloth, the floor against the grass cloth including several vertical and horizontal weaving together the black plastic weaving cloth, prevent sun through the ground against exposure to the weeds, grass cloth make weeds to photosynthetic effect, to avoid the effect of weed growth, uv resistance and resistance to mildew, together with must have the strength and wear resistance, can not only prevent plant roots under the ground, beautify the environment, the progress of labor efficiency and economic benefit, the prevention and control of environmental pollution, reduce the use of pesticides, also can prevent damage and growth of the insects and small animals, because of this the ground grass cloth good permeability, fast ooze water, make the plant roots can absorb moisture to get progress, is beneficial to plant growth, avoids the root rot, the setting of single-phase line mark, made in a greenhouse is put inside or outside flowerpot or tissue culture substrate, can be precisely organized according to the marker, progress of labor efficiency, the prevention of grass cloth can be used for the use of flower, the course of cultivation of vegetable greenhouses and avoid the growth of weeds, without using harmful pesticides, herbicides and other real arrive can produce green food, together with the product can be recycle used, reach the intention of waste reduction and environmental protection.
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Post time: Nov-14-2017
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