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In most areas in order to control weeds grow, block plant roots under the ground, blow molding of the PE film is generally selected as the grass cloth, because the PE film is lit, through PE film exposure to sunlight can PE membrane under the weeds, weeds to photosynthetic effect, not the effect of anti weed growth, and this kind of PE film has good sealing, permeability is poor, the lack of water penetration ability, lack of water can make the root, affect the growth of plants, poor permeability is higher ground temperature may also lead to the roots of plants decay.
Development from the ground grass cloth, we deal with the problem above, supply a good permeability, fast ooze water, control weed growth, block root out the grass on the land for a garden of the earth, the earth contains a number of vertical and horizontal weaving together the grass cloth black plastic weaving cloth, prevent sun through the ground against exposure to the weeds, grass cloth make weeds to photosynthetic effect, to avoid the effect of weed growth, can resist ultraviolet ray and mildew resistance, together with must have the strength and wear resistance, can not only prevent plant roots under the ground, beautify the environment, the progress of labor efficiency and economic benefit, the prevention and control of environmental pollution, reduce the use of pesticides, also can prevent damage and growth of the insects and small animals, because of this the ground grass cloth good permeability, fast ooze water, make the plant roots can absorb moisture to get progress, is beneficial to plant growth, avoids the root rot, the setting of single-phase line mark, make or outdoor put flower POTS inside the greenhouse or organization
Cultivation matrix, according to the marker to predict the organization, progress of labor efficiency, the prevention of grass cloth can be used for the use of vegetable greenhouses and planting flowers, avoid the growth of weeds, without using harmful pesticides, herbicides and other real arrive can produce green food, the product can go back together using, reach the intention of waste reduction and environmental protection, has been mass produced, has agreed to meet customers at home and abroad.

Post time: Oct-26-2017
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