Product introduction

Shandong jinxiang new material co., LTD always believes that the customer creates value, makes the project of the customer better, is our eternal responsibility.
All major equipment imported from Germany, Italy, Canada, France, the main products are: woven geotextiles, nonwoven fabric, textile, woven geotextile long silk spinning clay, high strength polypropylene cloth, three-tier co-extrusion blown film/film, hot composite membrane, 8 meters wide composite geomembrane, PE/EVA/PVC/the ECB rolling film, single and double rough/post some waterproof board, composite drainage net, composite drainage board, three-dimensional drainage plate, single and double to grille grille, protruding nodes, a large room, three-dimensional gauze pad, rubber water stop series products (water stop, etc.) of water stop, blind ditch, soft water pipe, flood control and geosynthetic materials such as textile bags, formed the seepage control, protection and reinforcement of the environmental protection, water stop four big material system, the integration of the supply.
“Jin auspicious” capable of sustainable development, adhering to the “jin auspicious science and technology, quality to create a better future” business philosophy, constantly strengthen their own strength, to geotechnical material industry well-known brand, wholeheartedly for the general new old customers to provide quality products and first-class service!

Post time: Oct-10-2017
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