Technical guidance of HDPE geomembrane in the black film biogas/anaerobic fermentation pool

Since the new environmental protection law has been released, the requirements on agriculture and other aspects of industrial enterprises have also been improved.
In agriculture, especially in big farming industries such as pig farms, environmental problems are particularly prominent.
General and fundamental biochemical pool will be built large-scale pig farms, septic tanks, pool, waste water tank, etc., because the pool all the year round in a pig pig urine and so on water environment, the traditional reinforced concrete pool because of the role of water, cement fall, bottom presents the leakage, this leads to a lot of pollutants into the surface drainage, serious environment pollution.
Black film anaerobic fermentation pool, is the use of the strengths of the HDPE membrane material impervious leakproof, dug in the earth laid a layer of HDPE antiseepage membrane in the pool, in accordance with the requirements of anaerobic fermentation process set in and out of the water pipe, drainage pipe and methane out of the trachea, earthwork pond fluently with HDPE antiseepage membrane seal, around anchor ditch, constitute a space all the anaerobic fermentation.
The raw sewage is fed into the sealed space after pretreatment.
Under the condition of large volume, the black membrane anaerobic fermentation in the pond of sewage through long-term fermentation combined with outstanding sedimentation, wastewater pollutants in the interpretation of the maximum, to complete the purpose of purifying water quality.

Post time: Sep-05-2017
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