Technical index method for identification of geotechnical films

Geomembrane is to do experiments, normally geomembrane factory factory factory need to make the experiment, the unqualified products factory, after the geomembrane site, conditional site will also do the experiment, also some sites will be sent to the testing institutions dedicated to doing the experiment, generally take 6 pieces of sample testing experiment, every batch of goods to do an experiment.
The purpose of the experiment
Check the weldability and adhesion of different materials.
2. To conduct professional training for welding operation personnel, make the welding operation personnel mastering the geomembrane welding machine technical parameters, working principle, operation procedures and joint quality standards, familiar with geomembrane welding machine.
Determine the welding temperature, speed and operation method of welding machine under different materials.
Determine the welding method for the “T” type.
Determine the type, manufacturer and construction process of the adhesive used by the earthwork membrane.
In determining the welding process of welder type, welding temperature and crawl speed, the various indexes of the work film joints meet the specification requirement.
In the determination of the adhesive type number, the manufacturer and the construction technology, the various indexes of the mural joint should meet the specification requirement.
8. Determine the detection method of geomembrane seam quality, make the testing personnel mastering geomembrane seam quality control and inspection methods, standards, and check the frequency detection.
The thickness of the earthen film;
Minimum density;
The amount of carbon black;
Yield strength;
Yield to elongation;
The strength of the rupture;
The elongation of the rupture;
Piercing strength;
Size stability;
Environmental stress cracking

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