The application of HDPE geomembrane in garden.

Successful use of HDPE geomembrane open time to make the company get remarkable. The construction, the assumption of geomembrane laid not reasonable trade-off will seriously affect the working efficiency, material waste, to 20 m wide after each impervious geomembrane suture contrast. Is too narrow, anti-seepage HDPE geomembrane laid a knot more, waste composition, is not in conformity with the budget control begged.
HDPE geomembrane open opens the use of space, and use and promote open, HDPE geomembrane has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, long use life. Excellent chemical resistance function. Outstanding resistance to stress cracking talent, the permeability of the lowest;
Excellent anti-uv function and safe hanging HuaGong used at low temperature. Different resistance to wear and tear of geomembrane talents are different, such as better than polyester and polypropylene, polyamide monofilament thickness type have fabric has strong resistance to abrasion talent, the thickness of needle-punched nonwoven fabric, simple worn surface, but the inner layer won’t be wear and tear.
Perfecting check equipment and excellent effectiveness, trying to supply for the users first, excellent and efficient green environmental protection product, HDPE geomembrane, etc. Series of products have been sold to all over the country, bring satisfaction construction for the company

Post time: Jan-10-2018
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