The best time to lay a garden cloth in an orchard

There are best moments when gardening is laid out in an orchard. Do you really know what is the best?
Take a look at the introduction of the gardeners.
The laying time is in spring soil freezing, or late autumn and early winter, to prevent the trunk to be hot, 5- August high temperature not to be laid.
The width of the ground cloth should be 70%-80% of the largest branch of the tree canopy, and the total width of the newly planted tree in 1-3 years will be 1.0 m, which means that the two sides of the tree are covered with a cloth of 50cm wide.
At the beginning of 4 years, the tree was selected with a width of 70cm, covering both sides of the trunk.
The fruit tree selects a width of 1.0m cloth, covering both sides of the tree.
Previous summer orchard weeds had a lot of growth, and the annual general demand was 3 times of herbicide or artificial weeding over 4 times, time-consuming labor.
Now, the use of anti-grass cloth can be used for 3-5 years, and it will not affect the operation of the field. The economic cost will be lower than that of the mulch.
Garden ground cloth to make the ground cloth to reach the permeability, breathable outstanding, the appearance is flat and has the effect of certain appearance intensity, the laying ground of ground cloth should undertake processing.
General conditions, to set coarse sand layer shall be laid 10 centimeters or so, because of the coarse sand cement aggregate structure, large pore, and the characteristics of small deformation under the outside force action, cloth of the very suitable as a cushion.
The lower part of the coarse sand should be determined by the local soil condition.
Condition commonly, if the soil is consolidated, permeability is good, can be directly laid coarse sand layer in appearance, or should be laid 10 to 1, 5 cm at the bottom of the coarse sand gravel layer or pebble bed to ensure that the cloth at the bottom of the flooding effect and the strength of the fabric appearance, good for crops and conducive to the workers to walk.
Since the cloth with the gardening, saved a lot of labor, because in the flower beds, a beginning to develop these flowers must be in temperature, but the temperature is suitable for the weeds, they quickly grow up, the growth of the grass is very affect the growth of flower seedlings, now have a gardening to cloth, hair flower seedlings moments don’t have to be afraid of the grass influence flower seedlings, had the gardening, also need not to cut the grass every day.

Post time: Nov-13-2017
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