The biogas pool USES the geomembrane membrane to have which advantage

In engineering applications, the HDPE geotechnical film has the following advantages:
1. Simple construction: as long as the pool is dug up and the corresponding leveling is done, the concrete pad layer is not required;
2. Rapid construction: no solidification period required for structural concrete;
3. Basic deformation: because the HDPE film has good fracture elongation, it can resist foundation settlement or basic deformation;
4. Good effect: this is the biggest characteristic of HDPE geomembrane.
5. Recovery after use: this is the most important feature of HDPE geomembrane. After the use, it can be returned to the original form if it is collected.
Biogas slurry pool design and HDPE geomembrane choose requirements pool body with good anti-seepage performance, to avoid groundwater contamination, biogas slurry pool structure simple, no special process within the aperture setting and surface area is larger, the construction of the local soil conditions, such as brick bat less sharp debris, have geomembrane laying requirements, the comprehensive project requirements, conditions of project, and the characteristics of the project is located, with more than 0.75 mm thick of HDPE film, in order to reduce the weld and the construction period, and the use of more than 6 m width, smacked a pool body laying area considering the edge part (along the circumferential wall 1 m), 7% allowance and overtime (anchorage, lap and leakage repair welding parts), biogas slurry pool construction is completed as soon as possible into deep 0 ` 8 meters of water, in order to protect the geomembrane are not insolate, prolong the service life of geomembrane, especially strong summer sun, bottom no more should pay attention to the protection layer of the open cell body.
Construction completion the surface appearance, HDPE geomembrane in pasture area sewage treatment facilities in application effect is good, and in view of its construction fast, low-cost advantages, will soon be applied in the livestock industry

Post time: Aug-08-2017
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