The characteristics of one way plastic earthwork grid

One-way plastic geogrid refers to high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials, the plasticizing extrusion plate, punching, heating, stretching, extrusion pressure, sheet rules of mesh again, then the longitudinal tensile of geogrids.
Commonly used in laying in the soil, through the grid mesh and bite and interlock function between soil, constitutes the stress transmission mechanism of an efficient, make the local load can effectively and quickly spread to a large area of the soil, so as to realize local failure stress reduction, the purpose of improving the service life of the project.
Strengthening the roadbed, effectively distributing the diffusion load, improving the stability and bearing capacity of the roadbed, and extending the service life.
They can withstand greater interchanging load.
To prevent the deformation and cracking of the road base caused by the loss of the roadbed material;
To improve the filling capacity of the retaining wall, reduce the pressure of soil retaining wall, save money, prolong service life, and reduce maintenance cost.
Combining the construction method of the anchor concrete to maintain the slope of the slope, not only can save 30% to 50% of the investment, but also shorten the period of the construction period more than twice;
6. Adding geogrid in highway roadbed and road surface, reduces the deflection, reduce furrow, delay cracking 3-9 times, structure layer thickness can be reduced by 36%;
It is suitable for all kinds of soil, need not be used in different places, save the time of labor.
The construction is simple and quick, can reduce the construction cost greatly.

Post time: May-16-2017
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