The construction of thermal insulation technology during the winter cold season

Into the tunnel in the winter cold season construction insulation skills, have good environmental stress cracking resistance, optical function, low temperature resistance, etc., and non-toxic, waterproof board rely on outstanding flexibility and fast construction in underground waterproof engineering and has been widely used.
Support in adopt double layer heat insulation lining structure, the structure mode is: the primary support + 30 cm + waterproof board + thermal insulation layer modulus of concrete 5 cm + + secondary lining, waterproof board mould build supporting experience at least one year after the completion of the construction of secondary lining after freezing and thawing period.

Considering the original planning reference monorail small cross section tunnel waterproof thermal insulation material of relatively light weight parameters, is directly in the mode of concrete appearance device “geotextile + + + waterproof insulation board + geotextile waterproof board board” five layer structure material.
However, during the construction of super-large section tunnel, only by planning reinforced waterproof thermal insulation layer, stiffness can not meet the requirements, easy create vault escapes, the phenomenon such as sinking, in order to make the secondary lining is clear, waterproof thermal insulation layer to invade leads to the lack of the thickness of the concrete quality defects.
In view of the qilian mountain tunnel and girders tunnel construction engineering practice, waterproof thermal insulation lining technology renovation, inductive adopt “adhesive + longitudinal steel wire collapse hang + ring device to steel roof propping method without nail paving waterproof thermal insulation layer” construction technology, can effectively solve the problem of waterproof insulation layer into the secondary lining is clear, to obtain satisfactory effect, to ensure the construction quality.
Initial shotcrete + build support (30 cm) + waterproof thermal insulation layer (separate waterproof board + thermal insulation layer 5 cm + waterproof board) + secondary lining, waterproof board and heat preservation and heat insulation layer is located between mold to build support and secondary lining, laid along the tunnel whole section.
Non-woven fabric laying in mold built appearance, non-woven geotextile chooses more than 400 g/m2, has excellent filtration and drainage, stab outstanding durability, water resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to bacteria, and must have the strength, resistance to deformation ability, and must be flame retardant function.

The waterproof board must have the ability of anti-cracking ability and anti-chemical corrosion and groundwater intrusion, so as to accept small settlement and shortening, and facilitate construction operation.
The thickness of the first layer is 1.5mm, the second layer is 1mm, and EVA waterproof plate (vinyl – vinyl acetate plate) is selected. The other indicators meet the function requirements of the waterproof board.
Excellent EVA waterproof board product appearance should be flat and bright, without obvious faults, a semi-transparent condition.

Post time: Nov-13-2017
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