The difference between the implant bag and the ecological bag

In order to better carry out the application of new materials in various industries, the market, engineering and design of the design of a large number of ecological bags, planting bags and other materials practical needs.
Through several years of experience, there are some basic differences between the two types of products in the industry.
The difference is as follows:
First, different concepts;
1. Ecological bag: made from polypropylene and a series of auxiliary materials;
Strong anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance;
No degradation;
Resist animals such as rats, termites, moths and beetles;
Be friendly to plants and allow plants to grow freely through the bag.
2, vegetative bag: seeds is used in factory automation machinery and equipment will be accurate and uniform distribution engraftment in nutrition membrane, vegetative bags by four levels, with most of nylon netting, outer layer for a certain grams of non-woven fabric, the middle for plant seeds, time inner layer to automatically decompose in the short term non-woven cotton cloth (or the pulp layer).
According to the different of green space and produce all kinds of different species, different specifications of the vegetation zone, at the same time, it can be evenly mixed seeding of different species, which can be built plant disease resistance, resistance is better, grass, irrigation, flower symbiosis of ecological community.
Second, quality is different:
1. Ecological bag: because the material is highly processed by polymer polypropylene, it is highly corrosive, resistant to microbial decomposition, anti-ultraviolet, easy to plant growth and service life for 120 years.
2. Implant bag: since the material mainly consists of nylon braided mesh and non-woven fabric, it has been used for many years in China, and its life span is gradually degraded after the effect of 3 to 5 years.
Third, use is different:
1, ecological bag: applied in slope structure, due to its lock structure and auxiliary reinforcement grille geotechnical material, such as the slope can be from 45 ° to 90 ° establish freedom, also can make the backfill soil slope under load, coupled with almost tend to be more permanent ecological greening plan its slope.
2. Implant bag: it can only be used on roofing and slop slopes with low requirements for structure and stability. It is a cheap material with future repair.

Post time: Jul-24-2017
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