The ecological bag has been transformed into a flood channel, which has improved flood control ability

Ecological bag renovation of the city drain, enhanced flood control ability
Bag ecological city of the spillway, improving the flood control ability, make people no longer have conjured life, many urban residents have a heavy rain at home at sea under the experience, the main reason is caused by urban water way is not smooth, in the inner cities river renovation is imminent, will ecological bags filled with soil crops will be tied mouth base on excavation slope surface ditch, sprinkling water on the slope ecological bag and stick wet, following plant blends into the slope, the growth of root system and river ecological bag effectively care the urban river ditch slope, slope ecological bag in building flexible data (neither damage to environment and vegetation planting beautification) quality is light, high strength, uv resistance, long durability, water permeability and permeability are good is the characteristic of ecological bag, eco bag is slope protection bag is inland city special bag

Post time: Jan-06-2018
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