The excellent filtration system and its drainage function are analyzed

Real HDPE antiseepage membrane not only can only be used in large water conservancy project set equipped with decorate a temporary our livelihood temporary also can see the use of the material, such as our pure water filter of water fountain is HDPE antiseepage membrane prone first-class product manufacturing.
On the use of the water HDPE antiseepage film, HDPE antiseepage membranes are commonly used to filter water, such as to use HDPE antiseepage membrane water can make the filter clean the impurities in the water, had arrived in water purification, and also guaranteeing the quality of the project.
In addition, there is an HDPE impermeable membrane that has a good drainage effect, which can make a good drainpipe, and then sponsor the soil for the remaining water and atmosphere.
Other, HDPE impermeable membranes still have a good effect on protecting the soil layer. During the flood period, it can sponsor the assembly to use the power, empty the remaining water, and protect the stability of the soil layer.
From this point of view, the HDPE film is a kind of material with multiple costs at the same time.
Anti-seepage film laid composed of base layer and supporting layer, the base layer is to be able to give us a very good protection effect of anti-seepage membrane, the effect of the support layer, is to make the geomembrane force symmetry, from local converged on the damage of the stress, therefore supporting the inequality of matching layer should be taking soil aggregate, and cement, the largest size selection and the physical function of membrane, the water environment and seepage control standard has a great relationship.
Generally we choose the two layers are laying environment for more thought than force of regional water resources waterproof results, have the effect of the second line, deal with cold region even better than the antifreeze achievement, artificial lake consists of 15 cm thick clay layer and 1 cm thick polystyrene board, other artificial lake are 15 cm thick clay layer, the credential practice experience, soil is the biggest size is not more than 6 mm.
Anti-seepage film good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, machine good strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking and tear strength function is good, with higher density, machine and blocking functions will forward accordingly, heat resistance, and tensile strength is higher;
Acid, alkali, organic solvent, etc.

Post time: Sep-06-2017
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