The filter function of the water permeable soil can achieve zero pollution

Ecological bag drip Fang Zhenxing opaque Soil filtration function, can not only avoid filler (Soil (Soil) and nutrient mixture) lost, communicate and can complete the moisture in the Soil, plant growth has been useful to keep the moisture and timely supplement, to plant (effect: foil and foil accent) is very friendly, make plants through the bag at home.
An ecological bag is a bag made of two – sided sintered needle-free needles made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET).
After the planting of the grass seed in the later stage of the plant, the glass fiber earthwork grille has been used as a layer of reinforcement. Even after the winter grass has died, it is more effective to achieve the protection of the slope, and it can be used to reduce soil and water loss in winter.
The implant is also known as the beautification bag, which is made of non-woven fabric and sunshade net. It has excellent uv function, long durability, water permeability and air permeability.
The ginkgo trees are tall and tall, and the leaves resemble a fan.
Canopy shade, with cooling effect.
Leaf-shaped quaint, long life.
No pests, no pollution environment, the light of the tree trunk, is known as the seedless tree, which is beneficial to the reproduction of ginkgo biloba and the addition of scenery.
Root root in the soil into the project, such as many root anchor finished bag body and the body more stable effect, the longer the time, the more strong, further completed the construction of the slope stability of permanent intention, greatly reduces the cost of maintenance (Maintain).
Latest ecological bags of r&d in full consideration (consider) data (Material), mechanical, water conservancy, many subjects such as biology, botany requirements under the premise of the ecological quality of the thickness of the bag, the unit (Mass), physical and mechanical function, appearance, fiber type, method, the direction of stress, how much size and waterproof function and meet the plants to grow the equivalent aperture (aperture), and other targets of strict selection, resistance to ultraviolet (UV), anti-aging, non-toxic, not combustion, crack extension features, really done zero pollution (pollute)

Post time: Jan-06-2018
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