The function of the implant

Construction is simple, lightweight and convenient for transport.
The survival rate of grass species is high.
The tensile strength is high, and there is no need to worry about the tearing of the paper tape.
The grass is distributed evenly, avoiding the dense and unevenly distributed lawn.
No need to spray grass seed again, avoid waste of grass, reduce the construction procedure.
The species of grass can be changed at will, but different kinds of grass can be changed according to the need.
After late 7. Grass grows, fiberglass geogrid reinforcement layer as a layer, even if the winter grass dies more sophisticated can reach the effect of slope protection, effectively reduce soil and water loss in winter.
The cost is low, the production is simple.
In total, three high — the survival rate of grass seed, high productivity, high efficiency, determine the irreplaceable position of the implant bag in the greening aspect.

Post time: May-11-2017
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