The grass cloth shading of the correct way

In agricultural planting, it is the choice to cover up the shading net to decrease the temperature. The following is an accurate way to introduce:
Choose sunshade correctly. Sun-shade net color on the market basically has two silver and black, black shading rate is high, the cooling effect is good, but the influence on photosynthesis, and is suitable for use in leaf vegetables, if in a few very bright light kind vegetables use should be cut on the cover of time. However, although the cooling effect is not as good as black, the photosynthetic effect of vegetables is relatively small, but it can be used in the fruits and vegetables such as the fruit.
The grass cloth
Use sunshade correctly. The cover-up method of the shading network is covered with all kinds of cover-up and bower type cover-up. In practice, the bower cover is better for the smooth cooling of air circulation and more application. The concrete method is: use the skeleton of the vault to cover up the top of the net, it has 60 ~ 80 centimeters of ventilation belt. If the cover has a film, the shading network cannot cover directly on the film, should be left 20 centimeters above the vacant lot, in order to use the wind to cool.
Sun-shade net cover may be able to drop in temperature, but also fell with light intensity, has a whammy effect on photosynthesis of vegetables, so time is very main, cover should prevent cover all day, but at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. According to the temperature of a cover up, when the temperature below 30 ℃ can be removed the sun-shade net, do not cover up that day, with maximum limit decrease whammy effect of vegetables.
The grass cloth also known as “garden ground cloth” it not only has sunshade function, its main air can still inhibit the weed name “anti-grass cloth”.

Post time: Aug-03-2017
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