The grass cloth that our factory produces has what advantage

Since too many of our friends want to know the grass cloth, we are satisfied with our needs, so we can share some common knowledge about the grass cloth.
It is also known as “garden ground cloth” and “anti-grass cloth”, which is a kind of woven plastic fabric, which has good air permeability, rapid water seepage and the function of preventing and curing weeds.
Our company provides us with a good permeability, fast ooze water, control weed growth, block root out the grass on the land for a garden of the earth, the earth contains a number of vertical and horizontal weaving together the grass cloth black plastic weaving cloth, prevent sun through the ground against exposure to the weeds, grass cloth make weeds to photosynthetic effect, to avoid the effect of weed growth, in addition to uv radiation and mildew resistance, must have the strength and wear resistance, not only use quantity, also can prevent damage and growth of the insects and small animals, because of this the ground grass cloth good permeability, water seepage, the ability to absorb the moisture of the root, good help in the growth of the plant, avoid the root rot, the setting of single-phase line mark, made in a greenhouse is put inside or outside flowerpot or tissue culture substrate, can be precisely organized according to the mark line, improve the efficiency of the people’s labor, the prevention of grass cloth can be used for the use of vegetable greenhouses and planting flowers, avoid the growth of weeds.

Post time: Nov-14-2017
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