The green side slope of coconut plantation carpet is beautiful

The carpet is a typical circular economy product.
The green grass blanket is made from plant fiber, protective net, implant and other materials. The structure of the green grass carpet is divided into several types according to the different models, and different types can be applied to different regions.

Green grass blanket (coconut) structure: PP base protector (small number of eyes), coconut fiber, PP upper protector (number of high) three layers.
The green grass carpet is suitable for river management, railway slope, mountain reinforcement and other projects.

Construction of green grass blanket (hemp net) : the design of the two layers of hemp net and coconut fiber.
The grass – green grass carpet is applied to landscaping and building high quality courses

Airport, golf course, football field.

Green grass blanket (straw) structure: polypropylene Internet, straw fiber (rice, wheat), polypropylene lower network three layers.
Straw green grass blanket is suitable for use

On the highway, the mountain management side.

Green grass blanket (grass seed) structure: PP base sheath, plant fiber (coconut, straw), planting belt, PP on the fourth floor.
Grass seed green grass carpet

In the application area of salt – alkali land and land improvement work.

Green grass blanket (special) structure: PP with small protective net, geotechnical cloth, plant fiber, water protection agent, nutrient soil and other layers.
Special environmental protection grass blanket

Suitable roof beautification, upright landscape.

Post time: Nov-11-2017
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