The importance of the welding work of HDPE column

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The importance of the earthwork film test welding
1. Experimental welding requirements for the geomembrane at HDPE column:
1) test welding is performed on HDPE geotechnical sample to check and adjust welding equipment.
2) welding equipment and welding personnel shall only be able to perform the next production welding after successfully completing the experimental welding.
3) frequency control of experimental welding: according to the change of environment temperature, no less than twice a day, once in the middle class, before the official operation.
4) experimental welding is carried out under the same surface and environmental conditions as production welding.
2. Productive welding of earthwork film
1) production welding can only be done through experimental welding.
2) adjust the welder to the optimum parameters of welding with experimental welding, and the welding seam is “flat, firm and beautiful” under the design requirements of lap width.
3) the welding gun can be repaired only where the repair and double seam welding machine cannot operate.

Post time: Jul-26-2017
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