The isolation of agricultural and anti-grass cloth is of great significance

Now the packaging materials are complicated, and the weaving cloth plays an important role in agricultural activities, horticultural activities and industrial activities.
In the meantime, the grass cloth is a kind of woven cloth used to avoid the growth of weeds, which is extremely common in agricultural production.
So how does the blocking effect behave?
Let’s learn about it today.
1, filter,
When water is composed of fine soil into the coarse material soil of cent, excellent permeability and water permeability using weeding cloth makes the water flow through, and effectively intercept soil particles, fine sand and small stones, etc., to insist on soil and water engineering.
2, separation,
The structure and function of the data are not lost and thick, and the load-bearing capacity of the structures is strengthened.
3, protective
It is effective to disperse, transfer or differentiate the assembly stress, so as to avoid the damage of the soil.
4, drainage
The weeding cloth of agricultural use is outstanding guide water information, it can form drainage channel inside soil body, the remaining liquid and gas outside the soil structure.
5, shut down
The weeding cloth produced by our company interacts with other materials and forms an impermeable barrier in the soil layer.
In the process of crop cultivation, we regularly use mowing cloth, on the one hand, to avoid weeds on the ground, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to the growth of plant roots.
Therefore, we know that the application of weedcloth is very likely to cause the edge of its edge to wear out, so how to deal with the elastic edge of weeding cloth?
What is the cause of this phenomenon?
If the weed control fabric tightness, the solution is to four root reinforcement uniform and against cylinder cloth, make the frictional resistance around the equality, through the measure, it won’t appear the phenomenon of elastic knitting cloth edge again.
If it is a loose end of the cloth, the reason may be that the expansion of the edge can cause the edge to expand more tightly, which may result in the friction of the friction of the lawn.
However, after the traction roller, the elongated part is retracted back to form the phenomenon of two tight centers.
Our method is to loosen the upswell of the upper end of the amplifiers.
The reason for the uneven surface of the cloth is: the expansion rod of weeding cloth has not been tightened with woven fabric, and the warp is not balanced.
Processing method: adjust the thread balance, the four extension poles have been in contact with the cloth, the spread rod and the knitted cloth are too tight.

Post time: Sep-19-2017
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