The role of geogrid?

Earthwork grille plays an important role in the road, mainly reinforcing roadbed, delaying senescence.
The following is a detailed description: geoglu is mainly used for soft foundation treatment, embankment enhancement, slope protection, abutment reinforcement, wing wall, retaining wall, isolation and clamping soil engineering etc.

2. The use of earthwork grille on the railway can avoid the premature settlement and damage of the railway on soft soil foundation
3. Earthwork grille is used in water conservancy projects, such as embankment, dam, river, canal, embankment and reservoir, etc
4. The geogrid enhancement airport foundation can greatly improve the carrying capacity of the runway and ensure the safety of landing
5. Earthwork grille can be used for waste site disposal, power plant, grey dam project, coal mine, metallurgy, greening, block and other fields
6. Strengthen the soft foundation of the building structure and improve the overall bearing capacity of the foundation

Post time: Aug-04-2017
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